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This album was reviewed by a member of and I had sent her a thank you for the nice review, this was her reply back to me;

^__^ It was a pleasure and I meant every word of it. I had to remind myself a couple times that it was just an album and I couldn't go look up and play the game. XD It had moments that felt very scifi. Not in the super sleek, robot way, nor the space ships zooming about everywhere. More in a sort of.... I don't know, maybe futuristic Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider way. Say if those were set 50 years from now and had the adventure mixed with a subtle, healthy dose of scifi.

I was more than happy to do the review when Matty asked me to do it for the magazine, and all the more happier when we decided to make the magazine obsolete, so the review (and all the other articles) could reach more people and give you more exposure.


Keep up the amazing work! Looking forward to what you come out with next.


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